Intramural Sports and Recreation at Indiana University Southeast:

Intramural Sports

For everyone who enjoys the excitement of friendly and fun competition, the intramural sports program offers a variety of competitive and recreational opportunities. The intramural sports program encourages all students and faculty/ staff to participate in well – structured leagues and tournaments.

How To Sign Up

Intramural Sports roster forms can be picked up at the intramural office located in the Activities Building. All intramural rosters must be completed and returned to the intramural office by the entry deadline. Each captain or team representative is responsible for attending mandatory Captain Meetings.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Intramurals at IU Southeast


Q - Who can participate in intramural sports?

All current full time students and part time students of Indiana University Southeast are eligible to participate in all Intramural Sports activities offered during the semester of their enrollment.

All full time faculty and staff employed by Indiana University Southeast are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports Activities.


Q - What can I do if I do not have enough people to form a team?

Any individual(s) who has trouble finding enough people to form a team may visit the Activities Building on the South side of campus and add themselves to the Free Agent List. One is also available to be printed from this website. Organized teams may pull players from the list or if enough individuals sign the list to form a team the Intramural Sports Office will contact the individuals and organize a team for them. Individuals who sign the list are encouraged to attend the information meetings in order to solicit a team and be seen by other team representatives. There is no guarantee that by signing the Free Agent List that an individual will be picked up or get on a team.


Q - Is there anything that I need to bring with me to the games?

All participants are required to present current/valid identification prior to participation. Individuals who fail to present their ID cannot participate. NO ID, NO PLAY!!!


Q - Where is the intramural office located?

The intramural office is located in the Activities Building on the south side of campus, adjacent to the Fitness Center. The office phone number is 812-941-2435.



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