Gus Grenadier

Gus Grenadier - IU Southeast Mascot    

So, what is a Grenadier?

A Grenadier was a front-line soldier in the early 17th century who initiated attacks with the first grenades. The Grenadiers were lauded for their bravery as those first grenades required precise timing and control. Think of them as the original Special Forces. Today, of course, a Grenadier is the loveable mascot at IU Southeast.

The Grenadier title has been reserved for only the biggest soldiers of the world's armies. Handpicked for their courage, strength, size and initiative, these highly trained special-duty soldiers are commandos like none other - they are fierce fighting soldiers.

The IU Southeast mascot originates from the 17th and 18th centuries where Grenadiers were elite troops of the British army. They were called "grenadier" because these troops originally tossed iron or porcelain explosive shells (grenades) into enemy positions. Since the grenades of the time weighed anywhere from two to 10 pounds, throwing them required great strength and endurance. In addition, the Grenadiers still had to move in close enough to throw their grenades effectively, often while under intense fire from an angry enemy.

To make matters worse, the bomb making technology of the time was sorely lacking. It wasn't unusual for the grenades to explode prematurely, killing the Grenadier. A Grenadier's life expectancy on the battlefield tended to be short. As a result, Grenadiers were often considered the most brave and courageous soldiers in the army. Grenadiers were often given the most difficult and dangerous assignments. Thus, they proudly adopted the motto: NEC ASPERA TERRENT (Difficulties duant us not).

Today, the Grenadier Guards are still an elite fighting force of the British Army (much like the U.S. Army's Special Forces). One of their most important duties is first line of defense for the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace. But they are perhaps best known for their statuesque stone-faced sentries and regal changing-of-the-guard ceremony.
Gus Grenadier was adopted in 2008 by the students of IU Southeast. Gus, along with the IU Southeast Cheerleaders and Red Edition Dance Team helps promote school spirit. Gus can be found on the sidelines of a basketball game or anywhere else on campus trying to drum up support for the students of IU Southeast. Make sure you come out and meet our "fearless" Gus Grenadier at our next home game! Gus will make sure you have an "explosive" good time supporting your Grenadiers to victory!
            Gus Grenadier with Chancellor Sandra Patterson-Randles at Homecoming

Gus Signature

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