IU Southeast Cheerleading Try-out for Spring 2012
When:  Sunday, January 15th
Where:  IU Southeast Gym
Time:  1:45pm to 4:00pm

Requirements for the 2011-2012 IU Southeast Cheerleading team:

Tumbling: Minimum toe touch back handspring, Standing back handspring series.

Running : Minimum: Round off back handspring series, Round off back handspring back tuck-not required but highly suggested.

Stunting:The below stunts are what we will look for during the clinic

1. Ground up extension
2. Ground up Lib, arabesque, heel stretch
3. full downs from the above/ Working on double downs
4. Basket tosses
5. Transitional stunts

Jumps:Candidates must be able to perform toe touch, Double toe touch, right and left side hurdlers, pike.

Appearance: Cotton shorts, athletic t-shirts, sport tops, sport bras, white socks and cheerleading shoes are acceptable.

Please be tasteful in your selections. Do not wear other university/college logos for tryouts. We ask that everyone wear red, crimson, white, black or gray.  Hair and makeup should be "Game Ready" with bows in hair for the clinic and tryout