Thursday, May 12th @ IU Southeast Athletics Building

5:00pm Informational meeting starts

6:00pm Clinic begins, you will be expected to stunt, tumble and learn school fight song and 2 sidelines

Friday, May 13th @ Indiana Allstars in Scottsburg, IN

6:00-8:00pm Clinic Begins

Saturday, May 14th @Indiana All Stars in Scottsburg, IN

10:00am Tryouts begin ( Jumps, School Fight song, 2 sidelines)

***Tumbling and Stunting will be evaluated on Thursday and Friday**

Requirements for the 2011-2012 IU Southeast Cheerleading team

Tumbling: Minimum toe touch back handspring, Standing back handspring series

nRunning : minimum Round off back handspring series,

Round off back handspring back tuck-not required but highly suggested.


The below stunts are what we will look for during the clinic

1. Ground up extension

2. Ground up Lib, arabesque, heel stretch

3. full downs from the above/ Working on double downs

4. Basket tosses

5. Transitional stunts


Candidates must be able to perform toe touch, Double toe touch, right and left side hurdlers, pike.


Cotton shorts, athletic t-shirts, sport tops, sport bras, white socks and cheerleading shoes are acceptable.

Please be tasteful in your selections. Do not wear other university/college logos for tryouts.

We ask that everyone wear red, crimson, white, black or gray.


Hair and makeup should be "Game Ready" with bows in hair for the clinic and tryout.

Please print out the Cheerleading application from our website and bring it to tryouts


-If you have any questions please contact Kaelin Abbott at 812-725-2623 or [email protected]


Your commitment to the program

Summer 2011

We will meet a one weekend a month starting in June. Dates will be announced at the meeting after tryouts


Week of Welcome (first week of school)

Cream vs. Crimson (October)

1. Practice is twice a week, Sunday and Thursday evenings ( Times to be announced)

2. Games: We cheer Men and Women's home games. For the Women's game we will split the team in half. All games are mandatory, work, family functions are not an excuse. Games start in November and go to February.

3. Competition: We compete at Jamfest Super Nationals in January and Cheer Ltd Nationals in March. If the funds are there we could add another competition. We will add extra practices if needed when competitions get closer.

4. Fundraisers: There will be 3 to 4 big fundraiser throughout the year. Those will be announced by June. Fundraising is very important the program to keep the cost down for the cheerleader.

Cost of the Program

All cheerleaders are responsible for the following:

Crimson Briefs

Crimson Bodysuit

Practice clothes

Warm Ups

Tumbling classes from Aug to Nov. ( Around $145)

Reebok High Tops

Additional items will be available throughout the year. These items are not mandatory but will be available for cheerleaders and their family to purchase

If you have any questions please contact Kaelin Abbott @ 812-725-2623 or [email protected]